Digital Strategist Pro
Introducing Your AI-Powered Marketing Ally
Digital Strategist Pro empowers emerging brand founders to beat the odds, equipped with an AI-driven marketing consultant and assistant
Digital Strategist Pro analyzes your data, sets goals, suggests personalized tactics, and drives action — all with one goal in mind: your business success.
Digital Strategist Pro employs the advanced techniques and tools favored by leading e-commerce giants:
No more generic, hit-or-miss strategies
Growing an online store today is a complex task with vast data to sift through. Digital Strategist Pro simplifies this by diving deep into your data, pinpointing the most effective strategies to boost your success rate.
Achieve more with fewer hands on deck
Our platform crafts marketing materials, including tailored emails, ready for your review and dispatch to customers. With Digital Strategist Pro, even a compact team can rival the productivity of a larger outfit.
Centralize your operations
Eliminate the need to juggle multiple tools or sift through spreadsheets. Integrate all your essential tools and gain a comprehensive view of your business, all in one streamlined space.
Unlock the resources crucial for growth
Elevating your online store might demand new expertise or financial backing. Digital Strategist Pro links you with seasoned professionals to guide your ascent. Plus, we can assist in securing funds for inventory expansion or marketing campaigns.
We're achieving growth
Supported data from:
Digital Strategist Pro enhances its understanding of your business by integrating with your daily tools.
We are increasing the number of data sources on a weekly basis
How DSP operates
After connecting your tools, Needle:
  1. Learns: Collates your data and gauges your growth avenues.
  2. Predicts: Establishes objectives derived from your data, industry standards, and realistic projections.
  3. Recommends: Offers a curated list of tactics, ranked by potential revenue boost and required effort.
  4. Action: Produces marketing materials and campaigns, enabling swift and effective implementation
    Your growth interface
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    Embark on your business growth journey with clarity and support
    The Digital Strategist Pro team has assisted over 50 businesses in achieving growth, including brands like:
    "Juggling multiple roles without a solid business background was challenging. Digital Strategist Pro clarified things and set me on the right path!"
    Kira Arefyeva
    Managing Director, Kids2Teens
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